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The BitcoinZ Community has delivered Connect-Z, a new Gateway that is bridging the BitcoinZ ecosystem with Binance Smart Chain. The user can now turn native BTCZ coins to same number of tokenized BTCZ (wBTCZ) that are released in the Binance Smart Chain. The ratio is 1:1 and the native coins are automatically locked in the Gateway since the maximum supply of BTCZ is immutable. In the same way, a user is able to change back wBTCZ for native BTCZ. In this scenario, the wBTCZ tokens are automatically burnt in order to unlock BTCZ in the native BitcoinZ blockchain.
Network hashrate104.16 KH/s
Network difficulty1.86 K
Block reward5937.5 BTCZ
Block time160 Sec
Daily emission3206250 BTCZ
[Updated 18 minutes ago]
Last hour-0.09%
Last day7.64%
Last week10.08%
[Updated 18 minutes ago]
Return 1 Sol/s$0.00386
Last hour-2.81%
Last day-2.15%
Last week20.36%
[Updated 18 minutes ago]
Return 1 Sol/s30.78 BTCZ
Last hour-2.4%
Last day-9.33%
Last week8.82%
Price vs Earnings for BTCZ
Price vs Rewards for BTCZ