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NVIDIA RTX 3090 TiETC128.60 Mh/s328w0.39 Mh/w$1.501,334 days
NVIDIA RTX 3090ETC120.26 Mh/s319w0.38 Mh/w$1.401,069 days
NVIDIA RTX 3080 12GBETC101.97 Mh/s268w0.38 Mh/w$1.191,052 days
NVIDIA RTX A5000ETC101.85 Mh/s217w0.47 Mh/w$1.191,895 days
NVIDIA RTX 3070 TiETC80.23 Mh/s189w0.42 Mh/w$0.94641 days
NVIDIA RTX 3080 LHRETC71.94 Mh/s236w0.30 Mh/w$0.841,191 days
AMD RX 6900 XTETC63.95 Mh/s143w0.45 Mh/w$0.751,340 days
NVIDIA RTX 3070ETC61.74 Mh/s118w0.52 Mh/w$0.72693 days
NVIDIA RTX A4000ETC58.54 Mh/s120w0.49 Mh/w$0.681,466 days
AMD RX 5700 XTETC54.74 Mh/s120w0.46 Mh/w$0.64705 days
AMD VEGA 56ETC53.76 Mh/s168w0.32 Mh/w$0.63637 days
NVIDIA GTX 1080 TiETC51.20 Mh/s170w0.30 Mh/w$0.601,171 days
AMD VEGA 64ETC48.86 Mh/s162w0.30 Mh/w$0.57876 days
NVIDIA RTX 2080ETC45.14 Mh/s116w0.39 Mh/w$0.531,519 days
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti LHRETC44.37 Mh/s159w0.28 Mh/w$0.52965 days
NVIDIA RTX 2070ETC42.47 Mh/s99w0.43 Mh/w$0.501,008 days
NVIDIA RTX A2000ETC39.77 Mh/s65w0.61 Mh/w$0.461,400 days
NVIDIA GTX 1080ETC39.13 Mh/s115w0.34 Mh/w$0.461,315 days
NVIDIA P104-100ETC37.81 Mh/s129w0.29 Mh/w$0.44905 days
NVIDIA RTX 2060ETC33.88 Mh/s81w0.42 Mh/w$0.391,010 days
NVIDIA GTX 1070 TiETC33.76 Mh/s110w0.31 Mh/w$0.391,141 days
NVIDIA RTX 3060 LHR v2ETC32.17 Mh/s106w0.30 Mh/w$0.37877 days
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperETC31.74 Mh/s75w0.42 Mh/w$0.37619 days
NVIDIA GTX 1660 TiETC31.11 Mh/s60w0.52 Mh/w$0.36772 days
AMD RX 570ETC29.57 Mh/s130w0.23 Mh/w$0.34606 days
NVIDIA RTX 3050ETC26.67 Mh/s70w0.38 Mh/w$0.31801 days
NVIDIA RTX 3060ETC25.53 Mh/s100w0.26 Mh/w$0.301,106 days
NVIDIA P106-100ETC23.25 Mh/s89w0.26 Mh/w$0.271,103 days
AMD RX 6500 XTETC13.84 Mh/s27w0.51 Mh/w$0.161,234 days
NVIDIA GTX 1050 TiETC11.45 Mh/s75w0.15 Mh/w$0.131,049 days
NVIDIA RTX 3090 TiETC128.60 Mh/s328w$1.50
NVIDIA RTX 3090ETC120.26 Mh/s319w$1.40
NVIDIA RTX 3080 12GBETC101.97 Mh/s268w$1.19
NVIDIA RTX A5000ETC101.85 Mh/s217w$1.19
NVIDIA RTX 3070 TiETC80.23 Mh/s189w$0.94
NVIDIA RTX 3080 LHRETC71.94 Mh/s236w$0.84
AMD RX 6900 XTETC63.95 Mh/s143w$0.75
NVIDIA RTX 3070ETC61.74 Mh/s118w$0.72
NVIDIA RTX A4000ETC58.54 Mh/s120w$0.68
AMD RX 5700 XTETC54.74 Mh/s120w$0.64
AMD VEGA 56ETC53.76 Mh/s168w$0.63
NVIDIA GTX 1080 TiETC51.20 Mh/s170w$0.60
AMD VEGA 64ETC48.86 Mh/s162w$0.57
NVIDIA RTX 2080ETC45.14 Mh/s116w$0.53
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti LHRETC44.37 Mh/s159w$0.52
NVIDIA RTX 2070ETC42.47 Mh/s99w$0.50
NVIDIA RTX A2000ETC39.77 Mh/s65w$0.46
NVIDIA GTX 1080ETC39.13 Mh/s115w$0.46
NVIDIA P104-100ETC37.81 Mh/s129w$0.44
NVIDIA RTX 2060ETC33.88 Mh/s81w$0.39
NVIDIA GTX 1070 TiETC33.76 Mh/s110w$0.39
NVIDIA RTX 3060 LHR v2ETC32.17 Mh/s106w$0.37
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperETC31.74 Mh/s75w$0.37
NVIDIA GTX 1660 TiETC31.11 Mh/s60w$0.36
AMD RX 570ETC29.57 Mh/s130w$0.34
NVIDIA RTX 3050ETC26.67 Mh/s70w$0.31
NVIDIA RTX 3060ETC25.53 Mh/s100w$0.30
NVIDIA P106-100ETC23.25 Mh/s89w$0.27
AMD RX 6500 XTETC13.84 Mh/s27w$0.16
NVIDIA GTX 1050 TiETC11.45 Mh/s75w$0.13
NVIDIA RTX 3090 TiETC128.60 Mh/s$1.50
NVIDIA RTX 3090ETC120.26 Mh/s$1.40
NVIDIA RTX 3080 12GBETC101.97 Mh/s$1.19
NVIDIA RTX A5000ETC101.85 Mh/s$1.19
NVIDIA RTX 3070 TiETC80.23 Mh/s$0.94
NVIDIA RTX 3080 LHRETC71.94 Mh/s$0.84
AMD RX 6900 XTETC63.95 Mh/s$0.75
NVIDIA RTX 3070ETC61.74 Mh/s$0.72
NVIDIA RTX A4000ETC58.54 Mh/s$0.68
AMD RX 5700 XTETC54.74 Mh/s$0.64
AMD VEGA 56ETC53.76 Mh/s$0.63
NVIDIA GTX 1080 TiETC51.20 Mh/s$0.60
AMD VEGA 64ETC48.86 Mh/s$0.57
NVIDIA RTX 2080ETC45.14 Mh/s$0.53
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti LHRETC44.37 Mh/s$0.52
NVIDIA RTX 2070ETC42.47 Mh/s$0.50
NVIDIA RTX A2000ETC39.77 Mh/s$0.46
NVIDIA GTX 1080ETC39.13 Mh/s$0.46
NVIDIA P104-100ETC37.81 Mh/s$0.44
NVIDIA RTX 2060ETC33.88 Mh/s$0.39
NVIDIA GTX 1070 TiETC33.76 Mh/s$0.39
NVIDIA RTX 3060 LHR v2ETC32.17 Mh/s$0.37
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperETC31.74 Mh/s$0.37
NVIDIA GTX 1660 TiETC31.11 Mh/s$0.36
AMD RX 570ETC29.57 Mh/s$0.34
NVIDIA RTX 3050ETC26.67 Mh/s$0.31
NVIDIA RTX 3060ETC25.53 Mh/s$0.30
NVIDIA P106-100ETC23.25 Mh/s$0.27
AMD RX 6500 XTETC13.84 Mh/s$0.16
NVIDIA GTX 1050 TiETC11.45 Mh/s$0.13

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