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AMD VIIETH108.50 Mh/s236w0.46 Mh/w$2.45285 days
AMD RX 6900 XTETH+TON62.13 Mh/s+3.73 Gh/s268w0.23 Mh/w$2.36423 days
AMD RX 6800 XTETH+TON61.32 Mh/s+2.51 Gh/s171w0.36 Mh/w$2.03320 days
AMD RX 6800ETH+TON57.99 Mh/s+1.96 Gh/s168w0.35 Mh/w$1.81319 days
AMD RX 6950 XTETH+TON46.01 Mh/s+2.76 Gh/s220w0.21 Mh/w$1.75628 days
AMD BC-160ETH71.00 Mh/s130w0.55 Mh/w$1.611,245 days
AMD RX 5700 XTETH+TON55.03 Mh/s+0.72 Gh/s112w0.49 Mh/w$1.43315 days
AMD RX 5700ETH+TON55.66 Mh/s+0.50 Gh/s122w0.46 Mh/w$1.39274 days
AMD VEGA 56ERG188.30 Mh/s200w0.94 Mh/w$1.39288 days
AMD RX 6700 XTETH+TON45.50 Mh/s+1.18 Gh/s124w0.37 Mh/w$1.33360 days
AMD RX 6750 XTETH+TON40.50 Mh/s+1.61 Gh/s127w0.32 Mh/w$1.33413 days
AMD BC-250ETH+TON50.65 Mh/s+0.54 Gh/s81w0.63 Mh/w$1.28778 days
AMD VEGA 64ETH48.82 Mh/s170w0.29 Mh/w$1.10452 days
AMD RX 5600 XTETH+ALPH41.67 Mh/s+0.29 Gh/s108w0.39 Mh/w$1.06264 days
AMD RX 6650 XTETH+TON27.05 Mh/s+1.35 Gh/s82w0.33 Mh/w$0.96416 days
AMD RX 6600 XTETH+TON29.87 Mh/s+1.05 Gh/s80w0.37 Mh/w$0.94401 days
AMD RX 6600ETH+TON28.24 Mh/s+0.90 Gh/s72w0.39 Mh/w$0.87378 days
AMD RX 5500 XTETH+TON27.10 Mh/s+0.46 Gh/s76w0.36 Mh/w$0.73272 days
AMD RX 570ETH32.32 Mh/s135w0.24 Mh/w$0.73286 days
AMD RX 580ETH32.22 Mh/s135w0.24 Mh/w$0.73314 days
AMD RX 470ETH31.00 Mh/s130w0.24 Mh/w$0.70342 days
AMD RX 6500 XTETC+TON13.02 Mh/s+0.76 Gh/s50w0.26 Mh/w$0.40503 days
AMD VIIETH108.50 Mh/s236w$2.45
AMD RX 6900 XTETH+TON62.13 Mh/s268w$2.36
AMD RX 6800 XTETH+TON61.32 Mh/s171w$2.03
AMD RX 6800ETH+TON57.99 Mh/s168w$1.81
AMD RX 6950 XTETH+TON46.01 Mh/s220w$1.75
AMD BC-160ETH71.00 Mh/s130w$1.61
AMD RX 5700 XTETH+TON55.03 Mh/s112w$1.43
AMD RX 5700ETH+TON55.66 Mh/s122w$1.39
AMD VEGA 56ERG188.30 Mh/s200w$1.39
AMD RX 6700 XTETH+TON45.50 Mh/s124w$1.33
AMD RX 6750 XTETH+TON40.50 Mh/s127w$1.33
AMD BC-250ETH+TON50.65 Mh/s81w$1.28
AMD VEGA 64ETH48.82 Mh/s170w$1.10
AMD RX 5600 XTETH+ALPH41.67 Mh/s108w$1.06
AMD RX 6650 XTETH+TON27.05 Mh/s82w$0.96
AMD RX 6600 XTETH+TON29.87 Mh/s80w$0.94
AMD RX 6600ETH+TON28.24 Mh/s72w$0.87
AMD RX 5500 XTETH+TON27.10 Mh/s76w$0.73
AMD RX 570ETH32.32 Mh/s135w$0.73
AMD RX 580ETH32.22 Mh/s135w$0.73
AMD RX 470ETH31.00 Mh/s130w$0.70
AMD RX 6500 XTETC+TON13.02 Mh/s50w$0.40
AMD VIIETH108.50 Mh/s$2.45
AMD RX 6900 XTETH+TON62.13 Mh/s$2.36
AMD RX 6800 XTETH+TON61.32 Mh/s$2.03
AMD RX 6800ETH+TON57.99 Mh/s$1.81
AMD RX 6950 XTETH+TON46.01 Mh/s$1.75
AMD BC-160ETH71.00 Mh/s$1.61
AMD RX 5700 XTETH+TON55.03 Mh/s$1.43
AMD RX 5700ETH+TON55.66 Mh/s$1.39
AMD VEGA 56ERG188.30 Mh/s$1.39
AMD RX 6700 XTETH+TON45.50 Mh/s$1.33
AMD RX 6750 XTETH+TON40.50 Mh/s$1.33
AMD BC-250ETH+TON50.65 Mh/s$1.28
AMD VEGA 64ETH48.82 Mh/s$1.10
AMD RX 5600 XTETH+ALPH41.67 Mh/s$1.06
AMD RX 6650 XTETH+TON27.05 Mh/s$0.96
AMD RX 6600 XTETH+TON29.87 Mh/s$0.94
AMD RX 6600ETH+TON28.24 Mh/s$0.87
AMD RX 5500 XTETH+TON27.10 Mh/s$0.73
AMD RX 570ETH32.32 Mh/s$0.73
AMD RX 580ETH32.22 Mh/s$0.73
AMD RX 470ETH31.00 Mh/s$0.70
AMD RX 6500 XTETC+TON13.02 Mh/s$0.40

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