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Bitcoin Silver

Bitcoin Silver (BTCS) is not merely a digital currency, but a testament to the transformative power of decentralized innovation. Its inception represents a convergence of technological prowess and a reimagining of economic paradigms. Beyond its monetary utility, Bitcoin Silver embodies the ethos of empowerment, fostering a community-driven ecosystem that transcends borders and traditional financial constraints. As we journey into the digital frontier, let us embrace Bitcoin Silver as a beacon of freedom, decentralization, and financial sovereignty for generations to come.
Network hashrate71.44 TH/s
Network difficulty147.14 M
Total block reward50 BTCS
Block reward developers12.5 BTCS (25%)
Block reward mining37.5 BTCS
Block time600 Sec
Emission7200 BTCS
Volume 24h$169
Updated 3 minutes ago
Last hour0%
Last day0%
Last week-63.32%
Last monthN/A
Last quarterN/A
Updated 4 minutes ago
Return 1 Th/s$0.00363
Last hour0%
Last day0%
Last week-63.14%
Last month%
Updated 4 minutes ago
Return 1 Th/s5.13 BTCS
Last hour0%
Last day0%
Last week0%
Last month%
Price vs Revenue for BTCS
Price vs Yield for BTCS
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