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This coin is currently disabled and is not up to date!

Obsidian aims to revolutionize the banking system by addressing widespread dissatisfaction with traditional banks that exploit customers. Similar to Monzo and Revolut, Obsidian offers a unique approach, empowering users to have complete ownership of their money. In contrast to current banks, your funds won't be used for investments without your consent, ensuring that any profits from investments are entirely yours.
Network hashrate1.41 GH/s
Network difficulty24.4
Block reward100 OBN
Block value$0.17
Block time72 Sec
Emission120000 OBN
Volume 24h$559
Updated 23888 minutes ago
Last hour3.41%
Last day11.2%
Last week-31.17%
Last month-59.35%
Last quarterN/A
Updated 23889 minutes ago
Return 1 Mh/s$0.138
Last hour-2.2%
Last day10062.19%
Last week8007.36%
Last month17472.46%
Updated 23889 minutes ago
Return 1 Mh/s81.42 OBN
Last hour-5.43%
Last day9038.79%
Last week11829.01%
Last month43235.74%
Price vs Revenue for OBN
Price vs Yield for OBN
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