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Skydogenet is the swiss army knife of decentralized crypto currencies networks using POW. It's layer 1 is similar to Bitcoin and Drivechain is implemented on it. This enable the use on layer 2 of trustless two way peg sidechains. The technologies advancement of Skydogenet are made possible using Drivechain (BIP-300 and BIP-301).
Network hashrate57.76 GH/s
Network difficulty803.05
Block reward50000 SKYDOGE
Block time60 Sec
Daily emission72000000 SKYDOGE
Volume 24h$6728
Resources for Skydoge
Updated 2 minutes ago
Last hour12.87%
Last day27.46%
Last week42.43%
Last month0%
Updated 3 minutes ago
Return 1 Mh/s$0.0359
Last hour22.64%
Last day55.93%
Last week38.01%
Last month109.43%
Updated 3 minutes ago
Return 1 Mh/s1253 SKYDOGE
Last hour8.17%
Last day26.55%
Last week-1.97%
Last month0.47%
Price vs Revenue for SKYDOGE
Price vs Yield for SKYDOGE
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