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Zephyr represents the evolution of digital currency, combining security, privacy, and decentralization with its core innovation - the Zephyr Protocol. The Zephyr Protocol, at its heart, is an over-collateralized, crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin system, a concept refined through the innovative Djed Protocol. Djed's roots can be traced back to the AgeUSD protocol, a joint creation of the Ergo Foundation, Emurgo (Cardano ecosystem), and IOHK.
Network hashrate767.47 MH/s
Network difficulty92.1 G
Block reward11.38 ZEPH
Block value$37.21
Block time120 Sec
Emission8194 ZEPH
Volume 24h$107229
Updated 7 minutes ago
Last hour10.8%
Last day8.23%
Last week-13.3%
Last month27.18%
Last quarter-67.77%
Updated 8 minutes ago
Return 1 H/s$0.0000351
Last hour2.34%
Last day3.89%
Last week7.21%
Last month19.46%
Updated 8 minutes ago
Return 1 H/s0.0000107 ZEPH
Last hour-8.24%
Last day-4.64%
Last week21.96%
Last month-6.87%
Price vs Revenue for ZEPH
Price vs Yield for ZEPH
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