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Mining Ethereum Pow + Alephium (ETHW+ALPH) on NVIDIA RTX 3080
The NVIDIA RTX 3080 is able to archive a performance of 95.61 Mh/s while mining Ethereum Pow + Alephium. Ethereum Pow + Alephium (ETHW+ALPH) uses the algorithm ethash+Blake3.
Medium Overclock
Settings will work on many RTX 3080
Tested on Unknown memory
Core clock offsetNot set
Core clock lock1200 MHz
Memory clock offset2000 MHz Linux
1000 MHz Windows
Memory clock lockNot set
Powerlimit300 Watt
AdvancedNot set
Estimates on Medium overclock
Revenue0.08 ETHW
Hashrate95.61 Mh/s
Efficiency0.35 Mh/W
Revenue Dual1.1 ALPH
Hashrate Dual1.00 Gh/s
Efficiency Dual0 Gh/W
Power274 watt
Tested on 2022-02-15
How to set the overclock
Miner options for lolMiner
--cclk 1200 --moff 2000 --pl 300
Pools for Ethereum Pow + Alephium (ETHW+ALPH)
No pools available
Miners for Ethereum Pow + Alephium (ETHW+ALPH)
No miners recommended