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Mining Expanse (EXP) on AMD RX 6950 XT
The AMD RX 6950 XT is able to archive a performance of 53.86 Mh/s while mining Expanse. Expanse (EXP) uses the algorithm ethash.
Medium Overclock
Settings will work on many RX 6950 XT
Tested on Samsung memory
Core clock lock1150 MHz
Memory clock lock1200 MHz Linux
2400 MHz Windows
Undervolt625 mv
Powerstage (DPM)Not set
MVDD1350 mv
MVDDCI850 mv
AdvancedNot set
Estimates on Medium overclock
Revenue31.98 EXP
Hashrate53.86 Mh/s
Efficiency0.4 Mh/W
Power136 watt
PCIE power116
Riser power55
Tested on 2022-05-11
Pools for Expanse (EXP)
No pools available
Miners for Expanse (EXP)
No miners recommended