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Mining Radiant (RXD) on NVIDIA RTX A5000
The NVIDIA RTX A5000 is able to archive a performance of 929.00 Mh/s while mining Radiant. Radiant (RXD) uses the algorithm sha512256d.
Medium Overclock
Settings will work on many RTX A5000
Tested on Samsung memory
Core clock offsetNot set
Core clock lock1410 MHz
Memory clock offsetNot set
Memory clock lock810 MHz
Powerlimit220 Watt
AdvancedNot set
Estimates on Medium overclock
Revenue741.96 RXD
Hashrate929.00 Mh/s
Efficiency7.68 Mh/W
Power121 watt
Tested on 2023-01-27
How to set the overclock
Miner options for BzMiner
--oc_lock_core_clock 1410 --oc_lock_memory_clock 810 --oc_power_limit 220
Pools for Radiant (RXD)
The biggest Radiant mining pool is WoolyPooly with a hashrate of 6.93 TH/s, while Vipor is the second largest with a hashrate of 3.7 TH/s.
Miners for Radiant (RXD)
We recommend using BzMiner for mining Radiant on the NVIDIA RTX A5000.

Example config for mining Radiant with BzMiner on WoolyPooly:
-a radiant -p stratum+tcp:// -w 19iJQzn4JRUCn3YN4BvuNP1MGd5L93xmJn -r WORKER