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Asus Rog Strix B550-F Gaming
Setup of the Asus Rog Strix B550-F Gaming
Last update: 29.January 2023

Boot - CSM - Disabled
Boot - Secure Boot - Other OS
Advanced - NB Configuration - Primary Video - IGFX Video
Advanced - Onboard Devices - HD Audio - Disable
Advanced - Onboard Devices - PCIEX16_1 Mode - GEN2
Advanced - Onboard Devices - PCIEX16_2 Mode - GEN2
Advanced - Onboard Devices - PCIEX1_1 Mode - GEN2
Advanced - Onboard Devices - PCIEX1_2 Mode - GEN2
Advanced - Onboard Devices - PCIEX1_3 Mode - GEN2
Advanced - APM Configuration - Restore AC Power loss - Power On
Advanced - PCI Subsystem - Above 4G - Enabled
Exit - Save Changes & Reset

PCIE Slot layout:






Marius L.
The creator/owner of goes by the alias r0ver2. Has a long experience with GPU mining and mining in general. After starting with home mining in 2017. Slowly building up the mining operation while gaining experience and knowledge - he joined SimpleMining's support team in 2020. Also been an active supporter of mmpOS since 2021 - and part of the testing team for lolMiner since mid-2021.
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