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PhoenixMiner Miner software
Info for both supported coins, parameters, and changelog for PhoenixMiner.
Partial unlocking Nvidia LHR. By default detected automatically, (default intensity 520). Use -lhr for manual values. If NV LHR card locks up, card will be unlocked again, and the -lhr value will be lowered if necessary. Added support for new AMD Linux drivers up to latest driver version 21.50. Multiple other small fixes and improvements. Known issues and workarounds: New Nvidia 3050/3080 12GB have different kind of LHR lock, not supported yet. When mining with LHR cards, hashrate will start lower and will go up to its normal value in about 2-4 minutes. If you are using AMD 21.40.1 with Radeon VII, you need to add -fpwm 1 in order to have proper fan control. AMD Linux drivers 21.40.1 has finally removed the requirement of PCIe atomics but there are problems when you try to mix Polaris (RX4x0/5x0) cards and Vega or newer cards on the same rig
Fixed issues with AMD RX6700XT with older drivers. Other small fixes
Release candidate. Fixed some pool connection issues
Beta release. Show GPU vendor name in list GPUs. Fixed issues with AMD RX6700XT cards with the latest AMD drivers. Fixed issues with AMD Vega and Radeon VII cards on latest drivers. Fixed crash with very old Nvidia drivers (3xx.x). Other fixes and small improvements
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