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NEXA on Nexapool
[NEXA miner options examples]
Miner options for mining NEXA on Nexapool for the different stratum and miners! Mining NEXA on Nexapool comes with a fee of 0.01%
-a nexa -p stratum+tcp:// -w nexa:nqtsq5g5s0l92tp2f5lzslrpyg0m86l5atdcav70dfdj8rdl -r WORKER
-a NEXA -p -u nexa:nqtsq5g5s0l92tp2f5lzslrpyg0m86l5atdcav70dfdj8rdl.WORKER --apiport 4444
-a nexapow -o stratum+tcp:// -u nexa:nqtsq5g5s0l92tp2f5lzslrpyg0m86l5atdcav70dfdj8rdl -w WORKER --no-tui --api-bind
-a nexapow -o stratum+tcp:// -u nexa:nqtsq5g5s0l92tp2f5lzslrpyg0m86l5atdcav70dfdj8rdl.WORKER --api-port=3333
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