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How to mine Ergo (ERG):
1. You will need an Ergo wallet on the Ergo blockchain
2. Use our MinerOptions wizard to find a good miner software and pool
3. SimpleMining: Create a new Group Config following our guide
4. SimpleMining: Assign the new created Group Config to your rig(s) following our guide - job done!
ModelCoinHashratePowerEfficiencyEst. 24hROI
NVIDIA RTX 3080 TiERG269.08 Mh/s232w1.16 Mh/w$2.63456 days
NVIDIA RTX 3090ERG268.31 Mh/s263w1.02 Mh/w$2.62572 days
NVIDIA RTX A5000ERG242.07 Mh/s229w1.06 Mh/w$2.36951 days
NVIDIA RTX 3080ERG228.22 Mh/s213w1.07 Mh/w$2.23314 days
NVIDIA RTX 3080 LHRERG226.27 Mh/s224w1.01 Mh/w$2.21452 days
AMD VEGA 56ERG188.30 Mh/s200w0.94 Mh/w$1.84217 days
NVIDIA RTX 3070 TiERG183.12 Mh/s174w1.05 Mh/w$1.79335 days
NVIDIA RTX 3070ERG173.51 Mh/s120w1.45 Mh/w$1.69294 days
NVIDIA RTX 3060 TiERG173.24 Mh/s139w1.25 Mh/w$1.69236 days
NVIDIA RTX 3070 LHRERG145.63 Mh/s122w1.19 Mh/w$1.42351 days
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti LHRERG144.26 Mh/s123w1.17 Mh/w$1.41354 days
NVIDIA RTX A4000ERG140.61 Mh/s139w1.01 Mh/w$1.37728 days
AMD RX 6800 XTERG124.80 Mh/s96w1.30 Mh/w$1.22532 days
NVIDIA RTX 3060ERG122.09 Mh/s98w1.25 Mh/w$1.19276 days
AMD RX 6900 XTERG121.90 Mh/s129w0.94 Mh/w$1.19839 days
NVIDIA RTX 3060 LHR v2ERG121.62 Mh/s146w0.83 Mh/w$1.19277 days
AMD RX 6800ERG120.72 Mh/s111w1.09 Mh/w$1.18491 days
NVIDIA RTX A2000ERG100.15 Mh/s69w1.45 Mh/w$0.98663 days
AMD RX 6700 XTERG92.02 Mh/s89w1.03 Mh/w$0.90533 days
NVIDIA RTX 2070 SuperERG88.39 Mh/s105w0.84 Mh/w$0.86578 days
NVIDIA RTX 2060 SuperERG87.96 Mh/s97w0.91 Mh/w$0.86464 days
NVIDIA RTX 2080ERG84.41 Mh/s105w0.80 Mh/w$0.82969 days
NVIDIA GTX 1080ERG76.84 Mh/s134w0.57 Mh/w$0.75799 days
NVIDIA P104-100ERG75.92 Mh/s129w0.59 Mh/w$0.74538 days
NVIDIA RTX 2060ERG66.15 Mh/s75w0.88 Mh/w$0.65617 days
NVIDIA GTX 1070 TiERG64.72 Mh/s125w0.52 Mh/w$0.63710 days
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperERG62.86 Mh/s72w0.87 Mh/w$0.61373 days
AMD RX 570ERG61.78 Mh/s120w0.51 Mh/w$0.60346 days
AMD RX 6600 XTERG60.00 Mh/s74w0.81 Mh/w$0.59647 days
AMD RX 6600ERG55.42 Mh/s65w0.85 Mh/w$0.54608 days
AMD RX 5500 XTERG53.56 Mh/s67w0.80 Mh/w$0.52380 days
NVIDIA P106-100ERG46.44 Mh/s85w0.55 Mh/w$0.45659 days
NVIDIA GTX 1050 TiERG25.61 Mh/s52w0.49 Mh/w$0.25560 days
ModelCoinHashratePowerEst. 24h
NVIDIA RTX 3080 TiERG269.08 Mh/s232w$2.63
NVIDIA RTX 3090ERG268.31 Mh/s263w$2.62
NVIDIA RTX A5000ERG242.07 Mh/s229w$2.36
NVIDIA RTX 3080ERG228.22 Mh/s213w$2.23
NVIDIA RTX 3080 LHRERG226.27 Mh/s224w$2.21
AMD VEGA 56ERG188.30 Mh/s200w$1.84
NVIDIA RTX 3070 TiERG183.12 Mh/s174w$1.79
NVIDIA RTX 3070ERG173.51 Mh/s120w$1.69
NVIDIA RTX 3060 TiERG173.24 Mh/s139w$1.69
NVIDIA RTX 3070 LHRERG145.63 Mh/s122w$1.42
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti LHRERG144.26 Mh/s123w$1.41
NVIDIA RTX A4000ERG140.61 Mh/s139w$1.37
AMD RX 6800 XTERG124.80 Mh/s96w$1.22
NVIDIA RTX 3060ERG122.09 Mh/s98w$1.19
AMD RX 6900 XTERG121.90 Mh/s129w$1.19
NVIDIA RTX 3060 LHR v2ERG121.62 Mh/s146w$1.19
AMD RX 6800ERG120.72 Mh/s111w$1.18
NVIDIA RTX A2000ERG100.15 Mh/s69w$0.98
AMD RX 6700 XTERG92.02 Mh/s89w$0.90
NVIDIA RTX 2070 SuperERG88.39 Mh/s105w$0.86
NVIDIA RTX 2060 SuperERG87.96 Mh/s97w$0.86
NVIDIA RTX 2080ERG84.41 Mh/s105w$0.82
NVIDIA GTX 1080ERG76.84 Mh/s134w$0.75
NVIDIA P104-100ERG75.92 Mh/s129w$0.74
NVIDIA RTX 2060ERG66.15 Mh/s75w$0.65
NVIDIA GTX 1070 TiERG64.72 Mh/s125w$0.63
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperERG62.86 Mh/s72w$0.61
AMD RX 570ERG61.78 Mh/s120w$0.60
AMD RX 6600 XTERG60.00 Mh/s74w$0.59
AMD RX 6600ERG55.42 Mh/s65w$0.54
AMD RX 5500 XTERG53.56 Mh/s67w$0.52
NVIDIA P106-100ERG46.44 Mh/s85w$0.45
NVIDIA GTX 1050 TiERG25.61 Mh/s52w$0.25
ModelCoinHashrateEst. 24h
NVIDIA RTX 3080 TiERG269.08 Mh/s$2.63
NVIDIA RTX 3090ERG268.31 Mh/s$2.62
NVIDIA RTX A5000ERG242.07 Mh/s$2.36
NVIDIA RTX 3080ERG228.22 Mh/s$2.23
NVIDIA RTX 3080 LHRERG226.27 Mh/s$2.21
AMD VEGA 56ERG188.30 Mh/s$1.84
NVIDIA RTX 3070 TiERG183.12 Mh/s$1.79
NVIDIA RTX 3070ERG173.51 Mh/s$1.69
NVIDIA RTX 3060 TiERG173.24 Mh/s$1.69
NVIDIA RTX 3070 LHRERG145.63 Mh/s$1.42
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti LHRERG144.26 Mh/s$1.41
NVIDIA RTX A4000ERG140.61 Mh/s$1.37
AMD RX 6800 XTERG124.80 Mh/s$1.22
NVIDIA RTX 3060ERG122.09 Mh/s$1.19
AMD RX 6900 XTERG121.90 Mh/s$1.19
NVIDIA RTX 3060 LHR v2ERG121.62 Mh/s$1.19
AMD RX 6800ERG120.72 Mh/s$1.18
NVIDIA RTX A2000ERG100.15 Mh/s$0.98
AMD RX 6700 XTERG92.02 Mh/s$0.90
NVIDIA RTX 2070 SuperERG88.39 Mh/s$0.86
NVIDIA RTX 2060 SuperERG87.96 Mh/s$0.86
NVIDIA RTX 2080ERG84.41 Mh/s$0.82
NVIDIA GTX 1080ERG76.84 Mh/s$0.75
NVIDIA P104-100ERG75.92 Mh/s$0.74
NVIDIA RTX 2060ERG66.15 Mh/s$0.65
NVIDIA GTX 1070 TiERG64.72 Mh/s$0.63
NVIDIA GTX 1660 SuperERG62.86 Mh/s$0.61
AMD RX 570ERG61.78 Mh/s$0.60
AMD RX 6600 XTERG60.00 Mh/s$0.59
AMD RX 6600ERG55.42 Mh/s$0.54
AMD RX 5500 XTERG53.56 Mh/s$0.52
NVIDIA P106-100ERG46.44 Mh/s$0.45
NVIDIA GTX 1050 TiERG25.61 Mh/s$0.25



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