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How to update your installation
From time to time, you will need to update your installation. This could be to install new hardware to require more recent drivers to work correctly.
Last update: 01.February 2023
Start by selecting the rig you want to make changes to. You can connect through the Remote Console from the dashboard or through SSH with the local IP.

Once connected, you have a few different commands to perform updates.
mmp update
MMP OS packages update. Updates the agent.
mmp upgrade
MMP OS system drivers upgrade. Will upgrade drivers to the latest stable versions.
mmp nvidia-install
To replace/update/select Nvidia kernel driver
mmp opencl-install
To replace/update/select AMD OpenCL driver
mmp amdgpu-install
To replace/update/select AMD kernel driver
Marius L.
The creator/owner of goes by the alias r0ver2. Has a long experience with GPU mining and mining in general. After starting with home mining in 2017. Slowly building up the mining operation while gaining experience and knowledge - he joined SimpleMining's support team in 2020. Also been an active supporter of mmpOS since 2021 - and part of the testing team for lolMiner since mid-2021.
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