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Engineered to scale and last, æternity is an easily accessible blockchain platform for the global public. With numerous innovative functionalities and performance far ahead of earlier blockchains, æternity allows its users and community to seamlessly venture into the new era of society, economy, and digital interactions.
Power consume
Miner Fee
Pool Fee
Revenue 100 Gp/s
61.78 AE
Power Cost 100 watts
4.59 AE
Miner Fee Cost 1%
0.618 AE
Pool Fee Cost 1%
0.618 AE
55.95 AE
Solo mining
Mining solo with 100 Gp/s
The AE network have an estimate of 509 blocks per day, and a network hashrate of 58.72 KH/s. With a hashrate of 100 Gp/s, which equals to 0.170% of the network, you will have 86.69% chance of finding a block in a day. On average, you will find a block every 1 days at the current network hashrate.
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