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This coin is currently disabled and is not up to date!

The best mining and staking blockchain solution. Mine Bitoreum on CPU using ghostrider algorithm: reward of 5000 BTRM per block, 120 second block time, POW for better security, No Premine. Deploy smartnodes for > 100% of APY returns!
Power consume
Miner Fee
Pool Fee
Revenue 100 H/s
622.2 BTRM
Power Cost 100 watts
16667 BTRM
Miner Fee Cost 1%
6.22 BTRM
Pool Fee Cost 1%
6.22 BTRM
-16056.95653120 BTRM
Solo mining
Mining solo with 100 H/s
The BTRM network have an estimate of 720 blocks per day, and a network hashrate of 350.28 KH/s. With a hashrate of 100 H/s, which equals to 0.0285% of the network, you will have 20.56% chance of finding a block in a day. On average, you will find 1 block every 5 days at the current network hashrate.
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