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Empowering the Future of Transactions and Communication A secure anti ASIC/FPGA PoW Cryptocurreny building for Asset creation, Futures, and Smart Contract, while remaining Resistant to 51%/Double Spend Attacks
Network hashrate1.8 MH/s
Network difficulty0.05
Total block reward5000 RTC
Block reward Fee1500 RTC (30%)
Block reward mining3500 RTC
Block time120 Sec
Emission3600000 RTC
Volume 24h$369
Updated 6 minutes ago
Last hour-3%
Last day2.64%
Last week24.75%
Last month-30.69%
Last quarterN/A
Updated 6 minutes ago
Return 1 H/s$0.000110
Last hour16.36%
Last day14.23%
Last week-7.58%
Last month-15.33%
Updated 6 minutes ago
Return 1 H/s1.33 RTC
Last hour17.77%
Last day9.25%
Last week-27.85%
Last month21.2%
Price vs Revenue for RTC
Price vs Yield for RTC
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