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Quickfix for broken fans
The weakest part of the GPUs is the fans. So what to do when they break? Here's a quick fix!
Last update: 29.January 2023

Noticed a dashboard warning about high temperature on one of our 1070Tis:

After a quick visual on the rig, both fans had stopped and were worn out. Since original fans are hard to get, we normally disassemble the fans and fan shroud - and zip ties two standard 120mm fans!

After this quick fix, the temperature ended up OK - but we will lose the ability to control the fan speed

Marius L.
The creator/owner of goes by the alias r0ver2. Has a long experience with GPU mining and mining in general. After starting with home mining in 2017. Slowly building up the mining operation while gaining experience and knowledge - he joined SimpleMining's support team in 2020. Also been an active supporter of mmpOS since 2021 - and part of the testing team for lolMiner since mid-2021.